Over water bungalows on a tropical island with palm trees and amazing vibrant beach
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Amazed in France
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The Travel Pros

We specialize in customized travel itineraries, offering personalized, and unique experiences for each client. As a member of the Worldwide Travel Leaders, we have access to some of the world’s finest travel amenities who can provide you with unique travel excursions, exclusive amenities, and rare experiences. Whether you create your own itinerary with our assistance, or we do all of the work for you, we will help you create the perfect trip that will meet all of unique needs and desires.


We can provide recommendations, advice, and guidance to help you plan an itinerary and avoid common and lesser-known pitfalls. Or we can plan and personalize every aspect of your trip, sending you to unique locales where you will be immersed in the traditions and cultures, getting the most out of your travel experiences. My passion is to take care of every imaginable detail for your trip.


I have traveled extensively throughout most regions in Italy. Having local family, friends, and many personal relationships with wineries, villas, and agriturismo owners, allows me the opportunity to provide you many options to personalize a custom itinerary to any region in Italy, specifically tailored for you!