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Owner, Travel Advisor

I started my career with a passion for wine, food, history, culture and travel.  After working in the travel industry for several years, I decided to enhance that experience by studying enology because I was interested in the wine culture of the Pacific Northwest. To gain more experience, I decided to work in the wine industry as a manager/wine buyer to see where that role would lead me in the future.   In this role, I developed relationships with several outstanding winemakers from around the world that lead to traveling to some of the most prized wineries in Europe and the United States. To enhance my wine expertise, I received my certificate from the Court of Master Sommelier’s in wine knowledge. 


Traveling to vineyards and wineries and experiencing stunning locations, gave me a new perspective, my love of travel, food, and culture.  I decided to enter into the life of a travel consultant and created my business so that I can share all of these wonderful places that I experienced with the world!


 I chose to be a travel consultant for not only my love of travel but for the sheer joy of listening to my client’s excitement and experiences they received after a trip that I arranged for them! 







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