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The Italian Experience

Experience Italy your way! Visit the most beautiful and historical cities in Italy starting in Rome. In Rome, you can choose to visit all of the important ruins, visit the Vatican and museums and taste the local cuisine and experience the culture of the Romans!

From Rome, take the high-speed rail to the magnificent Amalfi Coast.  Choose Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi.  Here you will experience the amazing beauty of the Amalfi Coast.  Amalfi Coast offers enough idyllic beauty and Italian luxury for a standalone trip. Driving its winding seaside roads will take you to charming coastal towns, scenic beaches, villas and gardens, and the historic ruins of Pompei or Ercolano.

After indulging in the Amalfi coast take the high-speed train to Florence. 


Spend time in the most influential city in the world.  Florence is where the Renaissance era originated. Here you can visit the Campo di Fiori, Accademia, and the famous paintings in the Uffizi Gallery! 

This itinerary is customizable to personalize your vacation the way you like to travel and experience Italy!  

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