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Wine not? Top vineyards around the world

There are so many amazing wine regions around the world and I have been fortunate to have traveled to many wineries and vineyards in the USA and Europe. Each one unique, with their own special qualities and characteristics. I have been to some of the most rustic vineyards to the most prestigious. What I did learn is how much passion, heart and soul the winemakers put into making wine. Some that have come from many generations of vintners following the family's methods and values.


In the heart of Beaujolais

When I visit a winery I am always fascinated with the terroir of the land. I have learned and come to appreciate how the terroir effects each bottle. The earthiness, minerality, and aromas all come from the special soil that the vines are grown from. One fascinating winery that I came across during my travels in France, that I think is just incredible and complex is Domaines Piron, Morgan. The winery has been established since 1590.

In the heart of Beaujolais, I met with Julien Revillon, winemaker at Domaines Piron. This vineyard is not to be confused with the wines that are produced every year, as we all come to know, Beaujolais Nouveau. This wine is above and beyond and Julien produces some truly outstanding crus. I was pleasantly surprised to learn what makes this vineyard outstanding - the terroir (soil). Each vineyard has different soils that are littered with a diverse mix of stones and earth, such as granite, quartz, limestone and slate. With all the complexities of the soil, the wine has lot's of minerality, fruit, roundness, but with personality and elegance. Truly wonderful!

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