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Essence of Asia

This month I had a chance to meet with the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. I learned so many great things about these countries and I was very impressed. Packed with ancient culture, beauty and of course, gastronomy, I can't wait to eventually visit. These destinations should be on everyones "bucket list" - simply amazing!

What I learned.


Find friendly and adventurous locals, exotic and tropical settings, cultural and historic sites. Thailand shines bright from its spectacular Temples and unrivaled beaches to its people and their famous generosity. Unending coastlines, wild and lush islands and thriving cities make this a tropical getaway for all types of travelers. Thai cuisines represents the people and culture of this country perfectly - spicy, warm enlightened, and relaxed.


Known for centuries as the "Beautiful Isle" Taiwan teems with dramatic landscapes. The culture blends indigenous, Chinese, and Japanese influences and makes it unique, democratic, and natural. Their eclectic cuisine simmers with delicious flavors.


Formerly known as Burma, this enigmatic and enchanting country is often referred to as the Golden Land. Long-term isolation and bequeathed corner of Southeast Asia full of traditional culture, spirituality, and old world charm. A visit to Myanmar is like turning back the clock. People are welcoming and are the most engaging people in the world.

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