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Culinary & Wine Excursions in The Hills of Central Piedmont

The Piemonte, or Piedmont region of Italy borders France in the Northwestern area in Italy.

Beautiful rolling hills, home to Barolo and the White Truffle.

The heart of Piedmont is characterized by a striking variety of landscapes; from the Langhe of Barolo and Barbaresco to the picturesque Roero area – an alternation of vine-covered hills and wild canyons – to the Monferrato area by
Asti, neighboring Chieri, and the gentle hills of the Po. Exploring the beautiful
rolling hills of the Langhe, following the course of the Tanaro from Alba to the
Asti area, wandering among vineyards that give rise to unique landscapes and seeking out the traces of the locations described by the writers Fenoglio and
Pavese, in their masterpieces, is unique, unrepeatable experiences.  The prized Tartufo Bianco is celebrated in Alba every year in its impressive International Fair, with cheeses like Robiola d’Alba and dishes like Taiarin.    

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