13 Day Itinerary

Package includes: 

All Inclusive except lunch, dinner, and flights 

  • 3 nights Accommodation in Athens 

  • 3 nights Accommodation in Sifnos 

  • 3 nights Accommodation in Milos  

  • 3 nights Accommodation in Santorini 

  • 1-night Accommodation in Athens (before return)  


  • Flight from Santorini To Athens

  • Airport transfers in Santorini and in Athens 

  • Port transfer in Santorini

  • Rent a car in Sifnos  Pick-up and delivery at the port of each island. Citroen C1 car or similar

  • Ferry tickets (economy class)

Piraeus to Sifnos – Golden Star Ferries

Sifnos to Milos – Aegean Speed Lines

Milos to Santorini – Golden Star Ferries

Excursions all included 

Wine Tasting at Sigalas Winery including lunch included.

**All inclusive except daily lunch and dinner. 

  • All taxes, except stay over tax (*According to the Law 4389/2016, starting on January 1st 2018, a stayover tax is 1.5 € per room per night for 3 star hotels and 3 € per room per night for 4-star hotels. Stayover tax is payable by the guest directly to the accommodation on the spot)

Milos, Greece


The Greek Island of Milos, in the Western Cyclades Island chain, is a surprise for the traveler adventurous enough to take a detour from Santorini, Mykonos and the other popular islands. Milos, like Santorini, is an island that is not only rich in spectacular sunset views and minerals but also in the things that travelers come to Greece looking for: beautiful beaches, inspiring views, a rich history, white-washed Cycladic villages, excellent food and good-hearted people. Combined with Sifnos, one hour away.

What Greek island is the most often mentioned yet one of the least visited by travelers? 
The answer is Milos....

The reason it is mentioned so often is because of its rich history and of course because this is where the famous Venus de Milo was found that is now a centerpiece at the Louvre in Paris. The reason it is not visited more is that tourists don't realize that besides Santorini, Milos has the most extraordinary terrain of any of the Cyclades due to its volcanic past. There are amazing rock formations, hot springs, and as many as seventy-five beaches, some of which rival the best in all of Greece. Rich in minerals even today, the island was inhabited during the Mycenaean and Minoan periods and was one of the earliest civilizations of the Cyclades islands. Formerly a Spartan colony, though remaining neutral during the Peloponnesian war, Milos did not join the Athenian league and was given the choice of paying tribute or being destroyed. These negotiations were written about by Thucydides with the people of Milos taking the point of view that by trusting in God and having faith in human decency they would be spared. The Athenian's point of view was that 'might makes right' and because they were powerful they could do whatever they wanted including wipe out the people of Milos, which they did in 416 BC, the men massacred and the women and children turned into slaves. Five hundred Athenians were sent to the island to re-colonize it. It was the beginning of the end for the Athenians as well. The massacre of the Melians exposed the Athenians as ruthless imperialists and turned the ancient world against her in a way that mirrors events of our own lives.

Sifnos, Greece


Sifnos is the fourth island in the Western Cyclades and is easily reachable by ferry and high-speed catamaran from Piraeus. Sifnos is a mountainous island with fertile valleys, beautiful beaches and several towns. It has a long history and has been inhabited since 3000 BC. For people who are looking for the 'real Greece' and yet still wouldn't mind a little nightlife, Sifnos is the place to go. Great for honeymooners, couples, families with children and romantics.Sifnos was the first island in Greece to hook up their plumbing to a purification and waste treatment plant which makes Kamares one of the cleanest beaches in Greece and certainly the cleanest port.

More green and fertile then its neighbors in the Cyclades, Sifnos is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy nature and walking. If you enjoy swimming it will be hard to find an island with better beaches than Sifnos. Plati Yialos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

The beaches are uncrowded and very clean and the snorkeling is excellent of the rocks in the sheltered coves and bays that contain many of the beaches. The Sifniots are also known throughout Greece as being the finest cooks and the local restaurants  bear testimony. It has also attracted some of the best chefs from around Greece and Europe. There are 365 churches on the island of all shapes and sizes and in a variety of locations and several monasteries and ancient sites.